The San Carlos Tunaverse

The San Carlos Tunaverse

We’re big fans of tuna, particularly ahi Poke, the marinated raw tuna (or other fish) dish served often with onions and other spices. We have a few favorite tuna dishes in San Carlos that stand out, and interestingly these are all dishes that serve tuna or poke in non-traditional ways.

Ahi Tuna Poke Sliders at Blind Tasting – one of our favorite bites in San Carlos. In each order you get two marinated poke sliders with a little cabbage and aioli all topped with an onion ring…amazing! The plate comes a side of either fries, papas bravas (cubed potatoes), or salad. We’re partial to the papas bravas. In any case, if I could only eat one dish for the rest of my life, this could be it.

Kaka’ako Nachos at Noelani’s – our Hawaiian restaurant should be expected to have good poke, which it does. And an amazing (if not super healthy) way to serve them is on a platter of taro chips. It is a generous portion of both the chips and the ahi, and it’s covered in a combination of wasabi aioli, siracha aioli and unagi sauce. Perfect to share!

Fish Tacos at Seiya – although this isn’t a ahi poke dish, and it’s an unusual presentation of tuna, it tastes amazing. It has seared albacore & salmon, avocado, salsa, all on a tempura nori shell. It can be a little sloppy to eat, but definitely worth it. Not what you’d’ find at a typical Japanese restaurant!


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