What’s Open for Takeout in the Lockdown?

What’s Open for Takeout in the Lockdown?

As every Bay Area resident is acutely aware, there was a shelter-in-place ordered for all residents on March 17th, lasting at least until May 31st. We are all staying at home and are only allowed out for “essential business.” Among other more important things (like health care and social services), this does include the ability to get food at grocery stores and order takeout or delivery from restaurants.

The City of Good Eating attempted to contact every one of the 116 San Carlos eating and drinking establishments to inquire whether they were open for takeout and/or delivery. We were able to successfully confirm the status of 98 of them. Given the volume and variety of restaurants in the town, the good news is that there is still quite a number of options for getting good food (note that all bars are supposed to be closed). Avast majority of places have confirmed they remain open for business. However, everyone is advised that when they go out they should be conscious of “social distancing” — staying at least six feet away from other people (with the possible exception of the actual transaction of picking up the food).

However, it’s important to keep in mind the following:

  • A number of restaurants have changed and/or shortened their hours
  • Some restaurants have restricted their menu
  • Some fast food restaurants are going to drive-through only
  • The situation is very fluid, and restaurants may change their plans at any time
  • It’s possible we may have made some mistakes, but we hope this is almost completely accurate

We must recognize this is a complex and difficult situation for all of our small business owners in San Carlos, as they must balance safety of their employees and customers with the financial reality that this pandemic could be an existential threat to their business. Some restaurants have closed for the three week period, and others are taking a “wait and see” approach. In any case, we don’t know yet if this situation will last beyond three weeks, but it certainly could.

The following is a list of restaurants who have said they were open for takeout/pickup. Many of these also deliver through their web site or app or use outside delivery services. If you’re looking for delivery, visit their web site or apps such as DoorDash, GrubHub, Postmates, Uber Eats, and Waiter.com. If you do go for pick up, you should definitely order online or over the phone first (except for the few drive-through options).

San Carlos Avenue

600 Block Laurel Street

700 Block Laurel Street

800 Block Laurel Street

900-1800 Laurel Street

Holly Street

Industrial Road

Old County Road

Washington Street

El Camino Real

Skyway Road

Airport Way

In addition to food pickup and delivery, you can either pick up Devil’s Canyon beer or get it delivered, as well as get pick up wine from Domenico, so I suspect those will be a popular options!

We will attempt to keep this list updated as we are able to reach the additional places and more information becomes available. Please let us know if you know any updates. Stay safe everyone!

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  1. We have updated the list slightly to include a few more known openings for takeout and/or delivery, including Cuisinett, La Corneta, Delize, Red Hot Chilli Pepper, Noelani’s, West Park Bistro, Refuge, and Pranzi.

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