Some New Takeout or Delivery Options

Some New Takeout or Delivery Options

Although it is difficult to track all restaurants in San Carlos to both confirm which ones may no longer be open for delivery/takeout or ones previously closed ones that have opened for such, the City of Good Eating has information on at least nine more restaurants that are open or will be opening for both takeout and delivery services. Confirmed by both signs on their front doors as well as their websites, Noelani’s, West Park Bistro, RefugePranzi, La Corneta, Red Hot Chilli Pepper, and Delizie indicate they are now cooking. Check each individual website for details on ordering and what delivery services they may be using.

Also, as indicated in Town Burger Pop-up Draws San Carlans, Town is looking to open soon with a full-service pickup and delivery program. Cuisinett has also announced that it will be opening for takeout and deliver on May 5!

We are excited about the new options. Please comment if you have further information about restaurants that have a change in status!

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